We’re excited to announce we are opening up our membership of St Luke’s to all ages from 10th May 2019, which will see our community centre open longer hours every day of the week. We will be launching a new programme of exciting activities for all the community, and our welcoming community hub will be inclusive for all.

We’ll be celebrating these changes at a launch event taking place on Friday 10th, Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th May. This weekend will showcase what’s available to locals, and there will be fun activities taking place each day and evening for people of all ages and interests.  Those registering as members will also receive a special gift voucher to spend in our Cafe!

All residents living in our area (see map below) are warmly invited to register as members of St Luke’s. Lifetime membership will cost just £5 and benefits include priority to join in our newly-expanded programme of free/low cost classes and activities. Registration will be free for anyone under 18 years of age whose parent/carer is registering. 

Existing services and activities will continue as usual and the only difference will be that members will get priority and non-members (those who live outside our area or who don’t choose to register as members) will be asked to pay a higher class fee.