Introducing Georgie Fay, our resident artist for the year

Islington-based Georgie Fay is our new resident artist with a studio on the second floor at St Luke’s Community Centre. Over the next few months she will be creating an artwork for Bunhill which will be housed at Bunhill Fields Cemetery for a year as part of the Bunhill Heritage community-led public art project. We sat and had a chat with Georgie about her residency, her plans and what she's been up to so far.

Georgie’s wasted no time getting stuck into her challenge with the community. With her background managing an educational programme at the October Gallery for several years, she is up and running with some classes for our multicultural women’s group, over 55s art group and young ambassadors and already feels like part of the St Luke’s team. Georgie is drawn to sharing art and teaching, using art as a tool for discussing issues and wellbeing – useful after two years living through a pandemic. As Georgie says, art gives children a connection and motor skills, which are essential to nurture after lockdowns where many local children have been deprived of this.

As Georgie says: “St Luke’s is a welcoming and diverse environment where art can thrive because people feel comfortable, and I’m looking forward to channelling the creativity of the various groups that take place here into my artwork. I’m really inspired by the history of the area and I’ve used a William Blake poem as inspiration for some of my classes, as he is buried in Bunhill Cemetery. What I’m aiming for is deeper engagement and understanding of community and feeling part of the Centre, so it’s great to have groups that know each other to start the workshops off.”

What appealed to Georgie about the residency at St Luke’s? The chance to teach about her own work and interests, not necessarily another artist’s work (which she also loves doing, but it’s just something different!). Georgie will be running twelve workshops for the local community specifically about Bunhill to inspire the final artwork starting at the end of March and finishing in July. She’s also running several hours of workshops every month for St Luke’s service users.

Georgie loves her new studio space at the Centre – the largest studio space she has had! With a particular passion being print making (mainly etching and mono printing), she has already kitted it out with a printing press which has been used in classes. Follow our social media for updates on the project and Georgie’s work over the next few months.