As part of the St Luke’s Estates Project funded by the Ward Improvement Plan we had a really good turn out from local residents who volunteered to help plant up the wildlife garden next to King Square gardens.

Former St Luke's trustee Penny Seal was the contact for the volunteers while our Community Gardener Samantha Lewis sourced native wildlife plants suitable for the space, and everyone got busy planting out the garden, with the vicar and a volunteer making sure we had plenty of tea, coffee and biscuits! When we had finished putting in the plants the children helped to water them in, then we all sat and ate a picnic together - a lovely community effort and event.

Thank you everyone for your hard work, we now would like to arrange a regular monthly maintenance plan for people who would be able to come, learn about gardening and composting and enjoy this precious community space. To sign up please contact: Samantha Lewis or call 07967 833 740.