Ever wondered how our chef at Central Street Cafe makes these mushrooms so light and creamy? Follow this recipe!

Vegan Creamy Mushrooms on Toast

2 x banana shallots thinly sliced

1 x clove of garlic

400g of chestnut mushrooms - quartered

Small handful of thyme leaves

100ml Oatly cream

2 x slices of sourdough or your favourite bread.

Small handful of chives

Olive oil

Salt & pepper


  1. In a pan heat up some olive oil, soften the shallots, garlic and thyme leaves.
  2. When shallots are soft add the mushrooms and cook for around 5 minutes until cooked.
  3. Add the oatly creamy, salt & pepper – leave to cook on a low heat for 2 minutes.
  4. Take the sourdough pop in a toasted and toast until golden.
  5. On a plate put the toasted sourdough in the middle top with the mushrooms, drizzle with olive oil, salt, pepper & chives.