Maiya and Dan are the barista dream team at Central Street Cafe. They help serve drinks and food from 8am-3pm Monday to Friday. The Cafe offers a takeaway menu, and customers are welcome to sit in our Cafe or on our roof terrace, where social distancing and cleaning measures are in place.

We fired some random questions at them…

Where would you like to go on holiday next and why?

Maiya: Where would I go? Thinking about it, to Malaysia. It’s a country with such a great mixture of different foods and culture.

Dan: I am going to be boring, but I would go back to Hungary and spend some time with my parents. I have not seen them since last October. I was just about to go when the lockdown started so my flight got cancelled. 

What do you like best of the EC1 area?

Maiya: Hmmm. It’s a very familiar area. It’s very funny, but I bump into more people I know around here then where I live, both café customers and friends, so for this reason I really like the sense of being part of a community around here.

Dan: Hmmm. This area has a good balance with good places to eat and drink, good cafes and nice little parks here and there. I think you have a bit of everything that is good about London in this area, I wish every area was like this.

What is the most embarrassing thing you have ever done?

Maiya: No comment (laughter). I am not getting in to this conversations.

Dan: I am not going to tell you (laughter) that stays with me! 

If St Luke’s had a large empty room that needed to be filled? What would you fill it with?

Maiya: Not sure…yes I know, with lots of pool tables that would be cool.

Dan: I would fill it with lots of cute puppies, it could be a place where you can go and just relax and distress.

What is your favourite food in the café and why?

Maiya: I would definitely say our salads. They are great.

Dan: My favourite is avocado on toast. I used to live on that and eat that every day for almost six months a while back.

How do you make the perfect cup of coffee?

Maiya: With care and attention, and small drops of love.

Dan: With my eyes closed, honestly…

Thank you Dan and Maiya!