On Tuesday 19th February St Luke's we welcomed our friends and neighbours into the Centre to view some amazing new art.

In January 2019 we welcomed 10 EC1 families to St Luke’s for a weekend session of making art and getting creative.

The brilliant artwork on display was made by the process of screen-printing with the help of Sarah Pimenta from Social Fabric; a charity who run collaborative arts projects and create stunning pieces of artwork with groups of people to help people express themselves creatively using art to explore a theme or tell a story. 

The families explored the theme of Community, and used the profile of a member of their family and added symbols representing themselves to create these individual prints.

They also got more creative juices flowing with spoken-word and poetry workshops with actors & poets Luke, Joey, Sonney & Barnie. Poetry and phrases from here have been incorporated into the final piece.

The large piece of work on display was put together by Sarah and incorporates many of the images from the

individual prints and poetry produced within the spoken-word sessions. This piece of work will be put on

display in the Reception area of St Luke’s to represent our Community.