On Monday 27th January long term member Gladys Smith celebrated her 100th birthday here at St Luke's!

We were honoured to be joined by Gladys' friends and family, and very speacial guest the Mayor of Islington who all helped celebrate Galdys.

75 members of St Luke's joined together for an afternoon tea with sandwiches and cake, and were entertained by Jonathan Stevens who sang some old classics.

Gladys was born on 26th January 1920, and has lived her whole 100 years in South Islington. She was born and raised at 34 Peerless Street, EC1, and went to Bath School on Bath Street EC1.

Gladys got married to Fred Smith in 1939, when she was 19, and they welcomed two sons, Freddy and Alan, to the family. She now has 7 grandchildren, 17 great-grandchildren and 2 great, great grandchildren - what a remarkable legacy!

Gladys moved to her current flat in Rahere House, Central St in 1963 when the council had just finished building, so she was one of the first residents to move to this new building.

Gladys' earlier career was machinist for children clothes and ties, and many years ago Gladys was the cook at St Luke’s, where she worked for five years before she retired. After that she sign up to become a member, and has now been a member for over 40 years!

Gladys has always been actively involved in lots of activities that take place at St Luke such as the Singing group, making dresses, keep fit exercises, dancing classes, Bingo and Hoy. With St Luke’s transport Gladys enjoys taking part in shopping trips, going to the Brick Lane Music Hall and the regular Southend trips during the warmer months.

Gladys Smith and neighbour Gladys Mevo have been best friends for over 59 years, and the pair of them are known at St Luke’s as the Two Glads! For the last two years Gladys has become a regular transport member user but before that the two Gladyses walked to St Luke’s, which took them about 15 to 20 minutes.  This is amazing at the age of 98!

    The 2 Glads come to St Luke’s every Monday and Wednesday and on other days when we have parties or outings. They are always cheerful and happy and love chatting and laughing with all their friends here at St Luke’s.  We are honoured to have such great ladies and they are an inspiration to us all. 

    Happy Birthday Gladys!