On Monday 25th June St Luke’s ran a free gardening activity from 6pm until 8 pm called Sunset Social Gardening. It took place in the Edible Yard where people could relax and meet new people as well as learn new gardening skills.  There was also art and craft as well as cocktails and snacks.

Jack Harber, who ran the gardening activity, taught the participants how to make a pesticide to manage pests and diseases in an organic way - mixing tobacco, orange peel, pepper and washing up liquid with hot water.

The art and craft session was organised by Lily Bakratsa. She ran a series of creative activities which involved the participants drawing leaves and also portraits of each other using their weakest hand. They also did a collaborative exercise where a piece of paper was folded into three. One person drew a head above the first fold then they passed it on to another person who drew the body after the first fold. It was then passed on to another person who drew the legs after the second fold. The result was a mismatched figure!

The participants thoroughly enjoyed the session with one saying that it was beautiful and a very good idea.  She found the session useful and said that combining art and craft with gardening was therapeutic and relaxing.