The weather this year (although unpredictable!) has been brilliant for all the plants, flowers, vegetables and herbs!

The warm weather and rain has meant lots of growth, and loads of delicious organic fruit and vegetables.

This is of course thanks to our brilliant staff and volunteers who tend to the garden every week, come rain or shine.

Watering Volunteers:

During the hot summer months we would like some extra help watering our beautiful gardens – Please email Poppy if you have some time to assist with this - even an hour a week will make a big difference.

Ready to harvest in the edible yard:

Blueberries, Red currant, Tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, rocket, mint, chives and raspberries.

For more information about Gardening at St Luke's contact Poppy, Community Gardening Manager

If you'd like to join in and help maintain our beautiful garden find out more about groups here.