Elderflower and soft fruit jelly

As we reach the height of summer, there are lots of soft fruits to enjoy and here is a recipe for delicious elderflower jelly with soft fruits. Make the most of summer with this healthy and delicious summer dessert.   With only 0.7 g of fat per portion and packed with flavours, this is a must for summer.

* Halal gelatine is available from most supermarkets

Makes a large jelly enough for 10 people


400 g mixed soft fruit (blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, blueberries) – avoid kiwi and pineapple as gelatine does not set but you can use any other fruit combination.

5 leaves plain gelatine, available from any supermarket

150 ml elderflower cordial

70 g sugar (you can add less if you want)

EITHER 400ml of cold water or the same amount of chilled Prosecco


Line a large bowl with cling film.  Put the ripe fruit into the mould and refrigerate.  You can also use frozen fruit.

Soak the gelatine leaves into a bowl with a little cold water for about a minute, squeeze to drain excess water and put the gelatine back in the bowl and add the cordial. 

Boil some water in a pan and when this is boiling reduce to medium heat.  Rest the bowl of gelatine and cordial on top (this is also known as bain-marie).  Stir constantly until the gelatine dissolves and the mixture looks syrupy.  Add the sugar and water and stir until dissolved, remove the bowl form the heat and leave it to relax for a minute.

Pour the jelly syrup on top of the bowl with fruit, stir to mix and leave to cool.  Once cooled put in the fridge and leave to set.  It will take a while to set so it is best to leave overnight.

To serve place a plate on top of the bowl and turn, the cling film will help the jelly not to stick to the mould. You can always pour the jelly into individual containers, or ice cubes or martini glasses for a nice effect. 

Gelatine is rich in collagen and it is an amazing ingredient that helps to strengthen nails, hair and teeth. It is good for muscle maintenance, lowers inflammation and promotes muscle mass so it is good for the sporty, the elderly and the infirm.  Gelatine is of animal origin and you can always find a halal version of gelatine or if you are vegetarian/vegan try Agar flakes which are also packed in nutrients.