Our Day Care Service is available to those with a social services Care Package in place and offers escorted transport to and from the Centre, plus:

  • ongoing reviews to ensure we meet the changing needs of each person
  • respite for carers
  • professional experience of caring for people with early dementia

How to Apply for Day Care Service:

Self referrals are welcomed and referrals can also be made by social workers, GPs, family and friends. We will arrange for members and carers to visit the Centre to see what we offer and whether this meets their needs. A senior member of our care team will then assess prospective social care member to confirm that the services are appropriate and suitable. Care plans are negotiated for each member as part of our referral and assessment process. They are reviewed regularly so we can be certain the service meets the changing needs of both the member and their carers.

For more information plese contact the Reception Team on 020 7549 8181 or email [email protected].