St Luke’s Community Centre will host its first ever Great Big Art Exhibition. St Luke’s staff, volunteers, centre users, schools and residents living in the Bunhill ward are invited to get involved in this special event by creating their very own work of art on a postcard. The theme for this postcard exhibition extravaganza is ‘Feeling Good’ and everyone's miniature masterpieces will be exhibited at St Luke’s from Friday 16th September to Friday 21st October with a celebration day on Saturday 17th September, 11am-3pm.

How do I get involved?
Grab your postcard from the St Luke's reception or take part in one of the artist workshops. 

What does the theme ‘Feeling Good’ mean?
The theme is open to interpretation and we hope it will inspire people to create artworks that celebrate moments of positive wellbeing in their lives. It could be seeing birds flying high, the sun in the sky or the breeze drifting on by. What does feeling good mean to you?

Wait, I can’t draw! And I’m not an artist!
Don’t worry! Take part in one of the artist workshops or look at some inspiration below. There are many ways to create your postcard - collage, printing, text and graphic design.

How many postcards can I submit?
A maximum of 3.

The free opening event on Saturday 17th September will be open to everyone and include activities for all ages.