Armed with our two trishaw bikes, we're once again offering local families and older people a ride on a trishaw bike with a friendly
volunteer cyclist.

Experienced volunteer cyclists will be required for a few hours a month. You will receive training on the Trishaw, and become part of St Luke’s team.

Volunteer Role Outline Cycling 4 All Volunteer

Outline of Duties

  1. To safely cycle St Luke’s Trishaw bike, carrying up to two passengers on the front of the bike for pleasure rides.
  2. To support older passenger and/or a parent and child in safely getting on and off the Trishaw bike and whilst they are passengers on the bike.
  3. To undertake training with the Trishaw bike to ensure you are able to handle the bike and are confident in following the routes before taking on passengers.
  4. To follow the set routes as much as possible unless this is unreasonable to do so.  
  5. To follow the volunteer guidelines for this project and maintain the health and safety of yourself, your passengers and other road users and pedestrians.  Please report any issues to reception and email the Project Manager for follow up.
  6. To follow guidance on securing and maintaining St Luke’s Trishaw bikes to ensure they are safe for use each trip and secured at the end of the trip.  Please report any issues to reception and email the Project Manager for follow up.
  7. To carry out data monitoring of service users, number of passengers and names and number of rides completed to assist the Project Manager with reports to funders. 
  8. To offer at least 2 hours a week and advise Project Manager or Reception if you cannot attend.  
  9. To represent St Luke’s Community Centre as a positive ambassador whenever you are volunteering with us. 
  10. To come to staff members with any areas of concerns and to act in accordance with St Luke’s Volunteer Handbook and the organisation’s Code of Conduct.

Hours required:  Regular Two-hour slot Monday to Friday mornings 11am to 1pm or afternoons 1- 3pm or 3pm-5pm.  All year round or school term time.  Saturday or Sundays may also be possible. 

Please contact Cathy Carpenter, Deputy Director of Services (Adults). Email: [email protected]