St Luke's Trust is a financially robust charity with a strong balance sheet and annual turnover of £2.0m+. Like many well-run charities, we generate income from a wide variety of sources including fundraising, service contracts, catering and room lettings.

Just over a third of our funding comes from our historic endowment entrusted to us by generous benefactors hundreds of years ago who. See history for more information.

Our Annual Report & Accounts are available to download as PDFs.

2019 Annual Report & Accounts

2018 Annual Report & Accounts

2017 Annual Report & Accounts

2016 Annual Report & Accounts

2015 Annual Report & Accounts

The full set of signed accounts and reports have been lodged with the Charity Commission. You can also obtain a set of accounts from the Charity Commission website.


The Board of Trustees considered the overall strategic direction of the Trust and agreed that the charity’s purpose was to help in sustaining and changing the neighbourhood to be:

A welcoming, living, neighbourly community in south Islington for all people to contribute to working, playing and learning together for their mutual benefit and well-being.


St Luke’s will achieve its vision through creating a better sense of community which is facilitated by:

  • Providing a community centre that is a hub for local people and organisations to work, play and learn in South Islington.
  • Providing and enabling services, activities and events that are delivered to a high standard and are open to all.
  • Providing a voice for, and on behalf of, the local area to ensure that services identified as required are provided to meet local needs.
  • St Luke’s is an organisation that will support everyone living locally and values the benefits of community cohesion. However, the focus of our charitable activities seeks to address the most pressing social needs in the area (including child poverty, unemployment, poor health, and isolation and poverty among older people) and particularly recognises those individuals and communities who suffer the greatest social inequality and exclusion.

St Luke's is an accredited London Living Wage organisation and pays all staff the London Living Wage across its Community Centre, Central Street Cafe and Central Street Cookery School.

For more information about St Luke's Trust's finance and business strategy, please contact the Executive Assistant on T: 020 7549 8185 or E: [email protected]