We caught up with Angela, our art tutor, who is running a new art class every Friday at St Luke's for members from 10.30am-12.30pm, where you can learn drawing and sketching techniques whilst enjoying some friendly chats. Angela welcomes all skill levels to her class.

Hi Angela. How long have you been at St Luke’s and what specifically do you do at the Centre?

I've been at St Luke's since 2016. I share an artist's studio there.  

I have been involved in many projects at St Luke's as an artist, installing member's lovely painting and drawings around the centre, setting up exhibitions and taking members to see art in local galleries. I also teach drawing and painting for all levels on Friday mornings.  The class very much welcomes beginners! 

What’s your background within arts?

I have a degree in fine art from Central St Martin's school of art.  I love drawing and painting and believe everybody can enjoy making art of all kinds.  I have also had a career as a film maker. I am still very interested in performance by all. 

Do you live locally? What do you love about EC1?

I don't live in EC1 but I love the area, wish I did!  

I always like getting off the Central line and seeing the dome of St Pauls. This part of London has so much history, there's the London Wall and still so many old paths you can get lost in.  

The art class did a great drawing project about the history of the area, particularly all the hospitals, there are so many in the area. A lot of members in the class have been in EC1 all their lives and knew much more than me, as they grew up in the area.  Barts is the oldest hospital in London, it has a great museum, the class went there for inspiration.  I can recommend a visit, and there's a painting by William Hogarth in the stairwell! He was a great artist and also one of the first supporters of the Foundling Hospital.

What do you hope people take from your classes?

I like to make the class a lovely, safe place where people can come and have a go with drawing and painting.  Just an interest is all that is needed, nothing else! I hope they feel a sense of achievement, they should do - there are so many wonderful drawings and paintings, real works of art produced.   I always feel so proud when I see the class work up on display, true artists at work.  

Do you have any other hobbies?

I love dancing, travelling when allowed, going to the cinema now it is allowed. 

Thank you, Angela, for speaking to us. Anyone interested in joining Angela in her class every Friday can contact reception at St Luke's for more information.