We now have a beautiful memory tree displayed on the wall on the First Floor in the over 55s Suite lobby at St Luke’s, to remember all members/friends of St Luke’s Community Centre who have passed away. There will be a dedication service over the summer, date to be confirmed.

The idea of a memory tree was first suggested by our User Committee member Barbara Sheridan, who pitched the idea to the rest of St Luke’s User Committee members, as the money for the tree would come from their funds.

It was unanimously agreed by the committee that this was a great idea, to have something as lovely as a memory tree to honour the many members/friends of St Luke’s who had passed away.

Barbara, with the help of Gary (our over 55s driver & support worker) set out on the task of sourcing a bespoke memory tree (nothing but the best for our friends, said Barbara). They spoke at length about the design, what materials would work best, the costs and lots of ideas were discussed.

Gary sent off for many quotes from various different companies, spending many hours of his own time online looking for a suitable, affordable bespoke memory tree. Eventually he found a company called Garbor, an artist located in America who specialised in bespoke design trees.

Barbara & Gary agreed that the tree should resemble an oak and agreed on the size. After discussing this with the artist the details & price were agreed, and the artist then set about creating a bespoke St Luke’s Memory Tree. Luckily Barbara knew someone who could do the engraving, and with the help of Marlo, Fiker & Kishor from the over 55s’ team, the first names were added.

It now takes pride of place on the wall in the Over 55s lobby area.