Would you like to become a St Luke’s cycling volunteer?

We have purchased two TrioBikes for St Luke's - electric bicycles with two seats for people on the front. We want to run a Cycling Without Age-type scheme in the south Islington area (http://cyclingwithoutage.org).

We have started to recruit cycling volunteers to take mainly elderly, frail or disabled residents shopping, to the bank or to visit friends/family, for excursions, or just for a trip to get out of the house/flat (after lockdown of course). This would be a free service managed by St Luke’s. We work with residents that experience social isolation and believe setting up a Cycling Without Age scheme would bring the community together, reduce social isolation and encourage exercise and wellbeing. In addition, it stops the need to use a car for shorter journeys and reduces pollution and congestion.

If you are interested in becoming a cycling volunteer please email [email protected] with your full name, email address and mobile phone number. All necessary training will be provided. Further information will be provided nearer the time of the launch of the project once lockdown and social distancing rules are relaxed.