Furloughed in Lockdown

St Luke’s said “you’re furloughed”

And I stayed at home

Feeling left out and put out to pasture

It felt so strange to not be there,

Not be part of the solution

Not be part of the helping hand service

And guilt stood up in me and

burned a little hole.


I felt adrift and apart from St Luke’s,

Apart from friends and volunteers

Apart from Loyal Club members

Many had lived through past challenges

And could show us how to survive

And pride stood up in me and

Burned brightly in my soul.


I got to thinking if I can’t help at St Luke’s

I must assist elsewhere so out I went

To help the homeless with food bags aplenty.

This calmed my worries and raised my spirits as my helping hands were again of service

And purpose stood up in me and

Renewed my energy once more.


So the lessons learnt from lockdown and a change of pace are many

We step up to volunteer or do a doorstep clap

We maintain rules and stay home aplenty

Some take to baking, gardening and hobbies

Some chat on Zoom, what’s app and phone

We exercise, deliver food or sew for the NHS

We all equally do our bit

And hope stands up in all of us as

community flourishes in our core.


Cathy Carpenter - May 2020