To celebrate the Islington Greener Together Festival, this month we hosted a Family Food Waste Feast to encourage local families to think about ways they can reduce their household waste. 

With help from our partners at City Harvest and the Felix Trust, we set our Junior Chefs the challenge of transforming donated produce into a healthy zero-waste feast for over forty people. After a busy two hours in the kitchen, our team of young chefs unveiled their feast complete with salads, curries, Mexican wraps and much more. 

Once the food was all finished, a food waste quiz was passed around and speakers from City Harvest, the Felix Project, and the North London Waste Authority gave short speeches on the impact of food waste in the UK, shocking everyone in attendance with food waste facts. After being inspired by the speakers, we asked our families to make a Family Food Waste pledge and commit to reducing food waste in their homes.

We are incredibly grateful to everyone that joined us for our feast, including our incredible team of Junior Chefs, our wonderful partners at the Felix Trust, City Harvest and the North London Waste Authority as well as the London Borough of Islington for helping our community to be greener, together.