New partnership with Morgan & Wiseman Solicitors 

The Business Engagement Team have partnered with Morgan & Wiseman Solicitors on an ongoing Free Immigration Advice Clinic in St Luke’s. 

Free Immigration Advice Clinic with Morgan & Wiseman Solicitors 

About the Clinic: 

We offer free 20-minute slots to any member of the community on a wide range of immigration issues. Whether you are looking to remain in the UK, become a British citizen, or bring your relatives over to the UK, we can help you, and answer any questions you might have.  

Morgan & Wiseman are intending to provide support and help to members of the different communities through free advice sessions. They specialise in Immigration Law and Family Law and would like to provide such support through our network. At the moment, they are quite flexible in terms of the timings of the service they can provide, we’ve arranged sessions in the centre or alternatively, they can offer telephone consultations. They will provide advice sessions of around 20 minutes per client, depending on their needs and requirements. They require no fees and there will be no requirement to instruct their firm to carry out any work.

 They are already offering this service in a wide range of community centres across Islington, Camden, Tower Hamlets, and Lambeth.