Now Spring is on its way come and join us in the Edible Yard!

What’s going on in the Edible Yard

  • Our seed potatoes are chitting and will be planted in the next few weeks.
  • We have two new large planters which have been filled and planted with early variety of carrots.
  • Our fruit trees are in blossom. We have moved our Quince Tree to give it a bit more growing space and sunlight and hope it thrives in its new location.
  • Egg production has increased with our wonderful hens, they must be sensing spring is on its way!
  • We’ve been propagating lots of succulents and cacti, getting ready for a spring plant sales.
  • We have been hardening off some of our over wintering herbs, ready to plant out into salad beds. Parsley has been particularly prolific in our garden.



We had mixed success in 2019 with growing mushrooms! We did manage to harvest some, however we didn’t realise how quickly they need to be harvested and unfortunately some went mouldy within days. Learning from our mistakes we are now launching into the next phase of our Oyster Mushroom adventure. We are collecting coffee grounds from our café to use as a growing medium. Follow our Instagram feeds for regular updates! 

Spring Plant Sale

Join us at our first ever Spring Plant Sale on Tuesday 17th March where we'll be selling a variety of plants, bulbs and seeds.
10am - 3pm.