Mosaic Workshops:

Our eight Mosaic Workshops will be finishing at the end of November. We have produced 12 ‘number’ mosaics and 15 ‘insect’ mosaics to create signage for the Edible Yard. We will have all mosaics and new wooden signs complete and up by February with a launch event. A special thanks to everyone who helped during these workshops.


Garden dates for Xmas:

Over the colder months our regular workshops will be taking a break, see dates below:

  • After school Garden Club ends on 18th Dec and start back on 8th Jan
  • Tuesday Gardening session ends of 17th Dec and start back 7th Jan
  • Thursday Gardening session ends of 28th November and start back on 9th January


Pub lunch

A huge thank you to Dame Alice Pub and the HEINEKEN team at Neighbourly for sponsoring a wondering 3 course pub lunch with drinks. This was in celebration of our three garden awards and Men’s Shed garden award received this summer. 


What’s growing

Although the temperatures have now reached minus numbers, our garden is still not fully asleep for winter. We have many perennials herbs on display and a prolific Cup and Saucer Vine (Cobaea scandens) which is still flowering on our pergola. Last week we harvested the last of our basil and have replaced these with a selection of winter salad leaves including Winter Purslane, Chinese Mustard, Land Cress, Mizuna, and Wild Rocket. Our onions, garlic, peas and broad beans have all appeared and will grow over winter, giving us an earlier crop in spring/summer. Still lots of chilies on the plants, we continue to string these and hang them to dry in the greenhouse.

Find out how you can get involved in gardening activities here.