Grants available at St Luke’s

We may be able to help with a grant for those in need, for local young people age 5-25 towards their education, and for adults with an illness or disability on low income. St Luke’s works with two different grant charities to help local residents. Please see below.

Worrall & Fuller grants

The criteria is anyone between the age of 4 and 25 who is looking for a grant towards their education. They, or their parents, must live, work or attend school in the area of benefit which is similar to St Luke’s area of benefit. Amounts of grants given are between £100 to £1,000. Please see the website for more information or an application form. Generally the grants are given to those in need of support.

Cloudesley Health and Welfare Crisis Grant

There are grants available for Islington residents with an illness or disability on a low income. St Luke’s might be able to support you or someone you know to access a grant of up to £500. Please contact Tsedal for more information or call 020 7549 8181.