An introduction to our wonderful over 55s team Care Support Worker Fiker Anliey.

Name: Fiker Anliey

Work title: Care Support Worker

How long have you worked at St Luke’s?

I started working at St Luke’s in 2008, but before that I came to St Luke’s to do my work placement in the over 55s service (care team). I was studying social care. 

Before this current situation happened, what did a normal work day look like for you?

I was working with the transport service, assisting elderly people with signs of early dementia. We collect them from their home and bring them in to the centre so that they can take part in our services and have lunch here. We also work closely with GPs and social services to make sure our service users get the care they need. On top of that we do home visits, help people with shopping if they need it, we visit our service users if they are in hospital – we also organise shopping trips to larger supermarkets and regular visits to the seaside in the summer time.

We also help facilitating the larger number of activities and services we provide on a daily basis all the over 55s members.

How many members does the over 55s service have?

We now have over 900 over 55s members.

What other typical services does St Luke’s provide for the over 55s?

There are so many activities and services that we do, but just to mention a few, games such as Hoy and Bingo – but we also do “keep fit sessions”, yoga, music therapy, gardening, volunteering, cooking skills, advice and sign-posting services. We also run an EC1 Men’s Shed, for men over 55s organised by my colleague Graham. I am just mentioning a few things, best is to come in and speak to staff to find something that fits your interests and need once we are open again, but the telephone reception service is open Monday to Friday 09.00-15.00 if anyone has any questions.   

How does the Lunch Club work? 

Anyone over 55 in Islington can come and have subsidised lunch here (when we are open again). It’s great food, cooked fresh from scratch on the day by our wonderful chefs. One course is £3.50, two courses £4.50 and three courses are £5.50. It’s very popular.

The centre is currently closed to the public. How has your work role changed?

Yes my role has changed. Instead of collecting people and taking them to the centre, we try to keep in contact over telephone and provide a befriending service with our more regular members. We also deliver lunches to some of our more vulnerable service users of all ages, help with some shopping and sign-post to other services, for people who live by themselves and who do not have family living nearby that can help.

But St Luke’s now also provides food bags for local residents in need, so all staff have to muck in and help with that. Staff has to be more flexible now when the staff team is smaller, and we all also help with things like cleaning and keeping the centre tidy.  

What are the older people we are delivering food to telling/saying you?

They are very grateful of course, it’s a life-line for many people. Not only that, what is so touching, is that when often we turn up on estates, other people often get out on their balconies and thank us for the work we are doing in the community.

What do you think is best about the EC1 area?

The area has changed so much in the years that I have lived here, it’s much more built up now and commercial. I love it here, it’s a great place to live, work and study. There are so many opportunities in walking distance, such as the Barbican Centre, LSO, City University etc. I love EC1!