Nora moved to London in 2016, and works as a supervisor in Central Street Cafe. In her spare time she has a passion for dance. Read her story in her own words:

I started dance at the age of 8 with Hungarian folk dance. It turned very important to me when I was 15 therefore after graduating from High School I went to a dance college. In the last year at school I also started to work with dance companies in Hungary. I moved to London in 2016 and a few weeks later I met Avant Garde Dance Company. I was accepted to their programme The Garde where I met some amazing other dancers with whom I am working with currently on our performance ‘Danube’.

This is very important to me and putting a lot of hard work in it because I want the audience to understand our story. This is about being different and therefore being treated differently by society. I think it is an everyday problem and I hope that we can show where it leads us and how we feel. We are having more performances with Danube in the future but currently this is the only one I am working on. Hopefully it will take us further in the future and we can keep working together.

'Danube' premiered on Saturday 19th January at The Place!