This is Patrick, a university student and Islington resident. Patrick is volunteering at St Luke’s, helping out with deliveries and packing food bags for the foodbank. We’ve put some random questions together from staff at St Luke’s for Patrick!

What is your favourite food?

My favourite, it depends, but I do like a dish my old house mate used to make. It is a chicken & Chorizo dish. It’s made with yoghurt, sweet chili, tomatoes and spinach with Pasta. In terms of flavour and ingredients, I am really into seaweed at the moment.

You study in Sterling, Scotland, tell us about what you are studying?

I have been studying sociology and history, but will from next term focus purely on history. I have a passion for history, I am inspired by very fond memories of my grandad telling me about the Second World War, which he experienced. 

What do you like most about volunteering at St Luke’s? 

Genuinely, on my first day volunteering at St Luke’s, I took some food bags and delivered them to families in the area. You knock on the door and leave the food outside and then walk away to keep the appropriate distance. At this one family’s house, a young boy opened the door, and very thankfully said “thank you very much”, he was so grateful for the food. I like helping people.

What talents/qualities do you bring to your role? 

What I have found recently is that I like labour intensive repetitive tasks, and do them quickly, like packing food bags, while I listen to different podcasts.

Tell us about the best holiday you have had?

Hmmm…this is difficult. My favourite holiday was probably going to Ethiopia and Rwanda in east Africa – I was visiting my brother who was working there at the time. It was very enlightening, Ethiopian history in particular is really fascinating. 

If St Luke’s had an empty room what would you put in it?

Oh, I am not sure. I don’t know St Luke’s that well and I don’t know what St Luke’s need. But I think a room with farm animals would be good. I like St Luke’s chickens. Also maybe a dedicated room for bike storage.

What would you like to be when you grow up? 

Combining my love for history and doing repetitive work, I think an archiving job would suit me well at an interesting place, that would be brilliant. Also being a curator somewhere would also be brilliant.

What will be your unforgettable memories of volunteering at St Luke’s?

As I mentioned before, making food deliveries to families, and meeting people that are genuinely thankful. Small bits like that make you realise, yes the world is rubbish at the moment, but humanity is great, seeing compassion in the people at the moment – that makes you realise that people are actually mostly good.

Thank you, Patrick!