In partnership with Octopus Communities network , ‘Breathe’ is starting a new clinic at St Lukes’ Community Centre form 9th August 2018 on Thursday 10 am-1 pm.

‘Breathe’ Stop Smoking Service is commissioned by Camden and Islington council to provide service across both boroughs. 

‘Breathe’ Specialist Stop Smoking clinics are run by stop smoking advisors who assist smokers to plan a stop smoking programme with behavioural support and medications nicotine replacement products or Champix (Varenicline). Progress is monitored once a week through support sessions (appointments are about 15 minutes) from about six. 

With help from our advisors, smokers are four times more likely to succeed than trying to on your own. We are also e-cigarette friendly and although we cannot supply e-cigarettes, we can give behavioural support that makes a big difference to success rates. 

If you are interested to access our service, please call on our free phone 020 3633 2609

To book an appointment or email us on [email protected].

See the full poster here.