St Luke’s Community Centre green spaces have been scored as ‘Outstanding’ for the London In Bloom ‘Our Community’ and ‘London Community Gardening Awards’ 2020. These important recognitions arrived when the contribution of our volunteers has been particularly vital in order to maintain and take good care of our amazing green spaces here at St Luke’s. 

The judges, who did a desktop evaluation of our green areas, reported that ‘the pictures of the spaces are beautiful, and the use of your space is a joy to see’. This includes our Edible Yard, the community food growing project taking place in a former car park, and the centre terraces and woodland gardens. We really want to thank the volunteers for the fantastic dedication they demonstrated towards our community green areas. In particular, we would like to thank Andrew for his incomparable help during these unpredictable months. The benefits of having such good quality green spaces in the heart of the city really go to the community. Well done and let’s keep up with this amazing work!

Below is our tireless main gardening volunteer Andrew, who has kept the green spaces going during lockdown.

Andrew has taken the lead on maintaining and watering the green spaces around St Luke's since lockdown began and our gardening team were furloughed. He became interested in gardening in recent years, and now says he 'couldn't walk away' from the Edible Yard because it's a special place. He visits the Centre nearly every day and has learned so much about gardening he can give details on the plants and what they can be used for. Although Andrew doesn't use the internet, we'd like to thank him for all his support at this challenging time. 

We have had lots of people showing interest in being involved in Gardening at St Luke’s and we are planning, in October, socially distanced gardening groups and outdoor activities for local residents, children and families. Local residents are very welcome to visit our chickens and follow the Edible Yard Mosaic Trail. Leaflets are available in the yard and on the main gate.