Read about Elizabeth the fabulous chicken (in her own words!)

I live in a lovely Egglou at St Luke's Community Centre with my friends Karen and Georgia.

Over the last couple of months the centre has been closed because of the Covid19 virus, so the staff here at St Luke’s have been taking it in turns to clean, feed, chat and collect any eggs that myself, Karen and Georgia have laid daily - and they have done an eggcellent job!

Now, from what we hear the team here at St Luke’s are great believers in learning something new every day whether it be a song, poem etc. You get the picture! Well I believe what wasn’t on their list was chicken-sitting, but they now admit that it is a really enjoyable task, a couple of the team were very nervous and afraid of us at first as they never really had much dealings with chickens.  

Fiker from the over 55s team however, is the chicken whisperer and expert, as when she lived at home with her mum they kept chickens like us and other livestock so she is much more confident with us (we try to run from her but she is very quick). Fiker is a very good teacher explaining to the other staff how to clean our bed, change and top up our water and food dishes and give us some of the lovely seeds that are stored in the shed as well as some treats like rocket and cucumber.

Over the past week I have not been feeling very well, just a bit under the weather and also while I was playing with Karen & Georgia (Georgia can be very boisterous) and sometimes she pecks me and Karen and its hurts, but we call her the pecker! So I have had a sore bottom, the team decided that a trip to the vet was in order, an appointment was made and off I went on St Luke’s mini-bus, in what I must say was a very comfortable cardboard box.  It had lots of bedding and a treat to help keep me calm as this was my very first visit to the vet and I was feeling a bit scared.  I really needn’t  have been, as the vet was really lovely and kind.

After she examined me and I am pleased to say she was very impressed with me, how lovely, clean and smooth my feathers are. The vet prescribed some medication. It’s called an antibiotic for me to take one spoonful in the morning and one spoonful in the afternoon. You will be glad to know that the medication is working and that Georgia has not been pecking me, which I must admit she has been very well behaved lately which is good!

Please feel free to pop in and say hello to me.  We are open Monday to Friday 9.30am-5.30pm and we are located behind the centre, in the Edible Yard. Just go through the gate if it’s open.

See you soon!