At St Luke’s we are striving to become a more sustainable organisation. In 2019 we were lucky to be awarded a grant to have two external Eco-Audits conducted by an external consultant. The first one took place in September 2019, which concluded we were doing well as an organisation but provided us with a list of further improvements that we could do. We have implemented most of these recommendations over the past two years. The second audit took place in January 2022. It stated:

“We are pleased to see the positive progress across a range of fronts at the centre and we are especially delighted to see the depth of enthusiasm for not only radically reducing the centre’s own carbon and ecological impact but also for taking this out into the community with various new projects.” Acorn Eco-Audits, January 2022.

The report found that St Luke’s had reduced the headline reduction in CO2 emission of 58% between 2019 and 2022. Even when considering the Covid-19 pandemic, when the centre had been less busy, this is still an incredible improvement.

Going forward, we are going to continue looking into potential solutions to reduce our carbon footprint, for example by researching green electric heating options for cooking and central heating instead of using gas, changing radiators and maybe one day an electric minibus, amongst other things.