The aim of our project is to create beautiful and inspiring green spaces for all the community to enjoy and benefit in terms of health and wellbeing. St Luke’s Community Centre is located in central London, where gardening and food growing need to come to terms with the lack of space and other challenges. We are here to show you how to overcome these problems and achieve amazing results. 

St Luke's continues to be an Award Winning Garden. In 2019 we have won:

  • Gold Award in the Islington in Bloom Competition
  • Gold Award for London in Bloom
  • ‘Outstanding’ in Britain in Bloom – It’s Your Neighbourhood 

Click here to see our article in the Islington Tribune.

Since the project has started in 2016, we have created three amazing community gardens at St Luke’s; and this is just the beginning. Come and see for yourself!

St Luke’s Edible Yard

Resulting from the transformation of St Luke’s car park in 2017 - The Edible Yard is a community food growing space at the back of our community centre. It features ten big raised beds with more than a hundred edible plants; two greenhouses, sheds, several composting methods, a wormery, a wildlife patch, a pizza oven and a flock of five happy and chatty hens. Yes, all on a paved car park.


St Luke’s Terrace

Refurbished in 2015 and 2017 - St Luke’s Terrace is home to a wonderful potted plant display that changes every season. Ornamental flowering plants, shrubs, climbers and even a fig tree provide a colourful and scented background for people sitting outside or having a snack on the Central Street Café tables.


St Luke’s Courtyard Woodland

A little shady strip of land that has become a perfect habitat for bugs and birds, to enhance the biodiversity of our urban community centre even in the most difficult place.

St Luke’ Community Gardens are open to public during the Community Centre opening time. If you would like to visit the gardens or ask for any information, please do not hesitate to contact Poppy at [email protected].