Our staff

St Luke's aims to provide the highest quality services to the community and recognises that its greatest assets are its high quality staff and volunteers.

To contact any member of staff please email [email protected], or call Reception on 020 7549 8181

Michael Ryan, Chief Executive

Sara Hiorns, Executive Assistant



Keren Wiltshire, Director of Services

Fiona Horigan, Deputy Director of Services


Business Engagement

John Garces Cordoba, Business Engagement Manager

Jane Spong, Business Engagement Officer

Maria Agiomyrgiannaki, Business Engagement Team Assistant


Cookery School

Sofia Larrinua-Craxton, Cookery School Manager

Katia Lom, Cookery School Administrator

Angela Dooley, Cookery School Administrator (Maternity leave)



Marco Bottignole, Community Gardening Project Manager

Alok Shah, Gardening Assistant

Catherine Tidnam, Gardening Assistant


Over 55s

Sarah Goodall, Over 55s Programme Manager

Fiker Anliey, Care Support Worker

Graham Reeves, Older Men’s Development Officer

Kishor Gadhia, Minibus Driver/ Care Assistant

Marlo Fox, Care Support Worker

Andrew Olgado, Wednesday Minibus Driver/Support Assistant


Community Engagement

Carol-Ann McArdle, Community Engagement Officer


Thomas Lans, Director of Operations


Catering Team

Alex Cohen Goldstein, Catering Manager

Amy Ennis, Catering Manager (Maternity leave)

Nora Fancsalszky, Café Supervisor

David Fernandez, Barista

Martyna Jozefowicz, Barista

Nathan Lewis, Café Assistant

Aziz Watili, Assistant Chef

Daniel Nitzani, Kitchen Porter

Gulten Bektas, Catering Assistant

Leonore Haynes Haughey, Catering Assistant

Makbule Bektas Gemici, Catering Assistant

Tulay Guldal, Catering Assistant

Zuhre Bektas, Catering Assistant

Reo Omote, Barista



Paul Bambury, Facilities & Reception Manager

Alexandros Dimitriadis, Facilities Assistant

Kimoy Kalinago, Facilities co-ordinator

Luke Polie, Facilities Assistant

Romel Simpson, Facilities Assistant

Salah Belaroui, Facilities Assistant

Patrick Simpson, Facilities Assistant



Daniela DeRosa, Receptionist

Deniz Bellikli, Receptionist & Events

Kelley Byrne, Receptionist & Events

Patrick Simpson, Receptionist



Lisa Burrell, Communications Manager

Ellie Stewart, Communications Officer



Fiona Holliday, Finance Manager

Katherine Ulloa-Padilla, Finance Assistant

Ying Wang, Finance Assistant