Centre For Elderly London

One of the principal trusts administered under the Joint Gift Estates was Richard and Anne Mills Charity. Dating from 1710, this was a gift of four good acres of grazing in the Borough of Knightsbridge. In 1972, this land (mostly behind Brompton Oratory) was sold, providing St Luke’s and Cripplegate with some £2½ million each. This windfall made both charities far richer than before. Cripplegate decided to close the Secretarial College and its Institute and become a grant giving trust. At the same time the Cripplegate Area of Benefit was extended to include the Lordship part of the original parish. St Luke’s accumulated its new income for several years to be able to buy a disused school in the parish and convert it into a leisure centre for elderly people. This converted building with a new cinema was opened by Queen Elizabeth in 1982, and was later to become St Luke’s Community Centre.