Why form a partnership with St Luke’s?

St. Luke’s Business Engagement programme is an established, award-winning project. We can tailor your support package around your specific business and staff. The project promotes and facilitates business engagement and corporate social responsibility in the south Islington area.

What are the benefits to you and your staff?

Various studies have looked at the potential benefits to both businesses and staff involved in employee volunteering. The table below highlights these:


Potential Benefits to the business: 

Potential Benefits to Staff:

Retention and recruitment of staff

Increases adaptability and communication skills

Increase staff morale

Increases problem solving skills

Increase team building

Increases self confidence

Develops and enhances pride in the company

Develops sense of well-being and happiness

Value/ impact of press coverage

Increases awareness of wider social issues

Building stakeholder trust

Develops empathy for other people

Improved relationship with local community

Increases commitment to company

Brand building/ profile

Increases job satisfaction

St Luke’s is a small charity relying on the generosity & support of individuals, businesses & trusts to maintain our much-needed services for the local community. In order to make the project sustainable we have a charging structure which varies from individually-paid team volunteering events to annual corporate memberships.

If you are interested in finding out more on our CSR engagement, the ranges of CSR partnerships available and how your company can get involved please call us on 020 7549 8179.