Our membership is now open to all ages. Our aim is to enable residents to work, play and learn together (after lockdown 2021) for mutual benefit and well-being.

St Luke's Community Centre has a long history of bringing our community together. We recognise the hardship and isolation many people in inner cities face. Our aim is to connect them to useful services, promote health and well-being and encourage people to learn new skills.

The Centre is safe and friendly, fun and vibrant, as well as offering the high quality and wide variety of services available to suit every need. 

If you live within our area of benefit you can take out life membership of St Luke's for just £5. The benefits of membership and being part of a thriving community include priority access to free or low-cost services and classes taking place in the Centre (charges and access depend on specific activity), access to special events and activities and access to Job Club and Central Street Cookery School.

So print off the form and sign up today! Be part of this thriving hub in the heart of the south Islington community.