Our membership is open to all ages. Our aim is to enable residents to work, play and learn together for mutual benefit and well-being.

St Luke's Community Centre has a long history of bringing our community together. We recognise the hardship and isolation many people in inner cities face. Our aim is to connect them to useful services, promote health and well-being and encourage people to learn new skills.

The Centre is safe and friendly, fun and vibrant, as well as offering the high quality and wide variety of services available to suit every need. 

If you live within our area of benefit you can take out life membership of St Luke's for just £5 at any age. The benefits of membership and being part of a thriving community include priority access to free or low-cost services and classes taking place in the Centre (charges and access depend on specific activity), access to special events and activities and access to free after-school clubs, Job Club and Central Street Cookery School community classes.

We have a thriving over 55s membership who benefit from our Islington-wide Lunch Club and varied daily classes and activities. Take a look at their latest newsletter for information about what's going on.

So print off the membership form or drop into reception for a copy and sign up today! Be part of this thriving hub in the heart of the south Islington community.

So why can't I be a member of St Luke's Community Centre if I live just outside of the area of benefit?

St Luke’s Trust dates back almost 500 years when it was the parish of St Luke’s Church. At the time the parish was a deprived area and many wealthy Londoner’s donated to this area. It was a legal document stating that the capital donations are only to be used for those who live in this area of benefit/parish. As a charity, St Luke’s Community Centre is registered with the Charity Commission, and although the church no longer exists the boundaries and beneficiaries of the legal document remain within the specific area of benefit shown on the map.

We have tried to change this with the Charity Commission without success. We therefore have no option but to adopt the original area of benefit and we're unable to invite members outside those specific streets.

There are some activities and events you can take part in as a non-member. Please take a look on our website for more information or speak to the reception team.

We warmly welcome all our local residents to enjoy our open spaces, including the community terrace (located over the The Bunhill) and the Edible Yard at the back of the centre. Free Wi-Fi is available in these areas. At St Luke's Community Centre we have many free events and activities open to non-members and Islington residents.