Low Income Support - Bread

St Luke’s Food Hub provides weekly groceries to locals who are on low income support and struggling financially. We’ll also introduce you to longer term support including free activities, food co-op, information and advice, Job Club and grants.

The eligibility criteria to access St Luke’s Food Hub is as follows:

  • Living in St Luke’s area of benefit (mostly EC1 postcodes) or
  • Awaiting payment of benefits or
  • No Recourse to Public Funds.
  • Living on a low income.

A member of the household will be able to pick up food at an allocated time slot once a week.

The low income support is available for eight weeks and during this time we will be pleased to introduce you to other support services including the Food Co-op, employment support, signposting to Information and Advice to assist with benefit checks, bills, debt and local grants. You will also be able to join various wellbeing activities including healthy cooking on a budget (including our new Adult Cook and Eat class), family feast, mindfulness sessions and much more.

If you are struggling and would benefit from the Food Hub, please contact Tsedal.