In conjunction with Islington Council, St Luke’s has installed a Bleed Control Kit on the front of the Centre, which provides instruction and vital life-saving equipment in the event of a heavy bleed emergency nearby.

The kits contain special dressings and bandages, which have been designed to seal wounds and control serious bleeding, as well as basic instructions. The vital few minutes after an injury or wound occurs are often paramount in preventing death in the cases of severe bleeding. This is why ‘zero responders’, members of the public who are the very first people to arrive on the scene, need to be able to quickly access the kits and start using them immediately. Residents can call 999 to be directed to the nearest kit from the national database.

The kits are invaluable in workplace situations where an injury caused by machinery could create excessive bleeding. They are also incredibly beneficial in public places and venues to treat stabbing, crushing, blast and gunshot wounds.