South Islington Wellbeing Hub St Luke's Islington Food Cans and Tins

We worked with Made in Hackney to host a 5-week plant-based cookery class in early 2024, and it was a great chance for some of our members to find out about preparing budget-friendly meals, avoiding food waste, understanding misleading labels and the impact of the food we eat. Classes included meal planning and maximising your food shop, with more practical baking, cooking with pulses and preparing tasty snacks.

The group prepared delicious recipes they could easily replicate at home, including chickpea and lentil burgers, homemade pizza and Buddha Bowls, with some treats like no-bake flapjacks and energy balls. They also took some recipes home with the newly-found confidence they had learned from the course.

You can see from the pictures everyone was learning and having fun at the same time. More courses coming soon!