At the beginning of the year we went out to the local neighbourhood to ask what people wanted to see at St Luke’s, and how we can respond to needs in our community following the pandemic. Our survey went out to thousands of locals, and the responses have enabled us to put in place a plan of action for new classes and services alongside many existing activities, showing we have listened to our community.

We have summarised our feedback in the chart below, so take a look and see what is coming up in our community hub for the coming months. We have already run our first Creative Cooks class, read about it below and how it is helping with the cost of living crisis.

One initiative we have introduced as a result of the feedback is our Creative Cooks class. The purpose of our Cookery School here at St Luke’s has always been to use money from private hire to fund community classes, teaching locals how to cook nutritious food on a budget while avoiding food waste. At times like these, when the cost of living is rising rapidly and families are struggling to cope, these classes become more important than ever.

So we came up with the Creative Cooks format, which involves cooking two recipes per session, usually a main and dessert or side/starter and a main dish. The class starts with a demonstration from our chef on the recipes for the day. There is a weekly topic for the class, for example knife skills and reducing food waste, and this is discussed during the demonstration. The class then have a go at cooking the recipes, and then sit around and enjoy their healthy food together, having learned some new skills.   

Following the class take-away bags are given out containing the ingredients and recipes for the attendees to cook again at home, reinforcing what they have learned. 

Participants of the course gave us their feedback, saying it was ‘excellent’ with a 4.88 average rating out of 5. All the participants said they had learnt more about how to cook healthy, affordable meals and 88% said they were confident to cook the meals at home.

Alake (above) completed our Creative Cooks course.

We were thrilled with the feedback from Creative Cooks, and will be running the course again in the autumn at Central Street Cookery School - members can sign up at reception. These are just some of the quotes from people who took part:

“The recipes are fantastic, great tasting and family friendly.”

“I learnt to be economical with leftover food and liked the flexibility of the chef, who was very helpful and paid attention to each and every one of us.”

“I really enjoyed this course, it has been a chance to learn new skills and meet new people. The chef is fantastic and very helpful.” 

Keep your eyes peeled for our new dates coming soon!